Open Art Week


  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Generative Design

A generative video campaign, designed to draw attention.

Open Art Week festival is a civil society project that connects independent artists and art spaces around the world. For their 2020 edition, they required a “Call for Entries” campaign, in order to attract participants for a mobile video contest that they organised.

The brief

We were tasked with creating a new corporate identity for them along with a plethora of new things. Our goal was to create a clean and minimal identity, subtle but well functioning, just like the way Butlr’s sensors exist in the built environment.

What we did

Addressed to students, young fashion designers and new brand owners, we wanted to deliver the message in a visually interesting and captivating way. We created a series of generative graphics with the help of Touchdesigner, and with the use of kinetic typography we communicated the terms for joining the contest, resulting in a vibrant and high-energy video.